Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Heritage Photo of the Week

I've been neglecting the genealogy blog lately, so I've decided to fill in between the long posts with short items. Here is the first of what should become a regular "Heritage Photo of the Week". It is one that is very familiar to the Wilcoxen side of the family.

On the far left is Matilda Ellen Dunavan Wilcoxen holding her grandson Donald Moore Wilcoxen. On the far right is Donald's other grandmother, Amanda Eliza Lentz Frankum. In the middle is Amanda's mother-in-law and Donald's great-grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Busby Frankum. I estimate the photo was made about 1929 and in all probability the location was Glen Flora, Texas. (It's too bad they didn't squeeze in one of the parents, which would have made this a four-generation photo.)


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