Friday, October 3, 2008

Four Older Girls

Over on Woolgathering today I wrote about my Aunt O and her love of bright colors. This is the same Ora who was the baby in the photo posted here a couple of days ago. I remembered I had a photo that showed Aunt O in one of her signature pink outfits.

Sisters (left to right) Ruby, Ivy, Virgie and Ora

I believe the occasion of this photo was my grandmother Ivy's 80th or 85th birthday. I never got to know my Aunt Virgie or Aunt Linnie very well. I'm not sure why. They and their brother Sam lived down close to the Texas coast and we just didn't go that way very often. We would occasionally run into Uncle Sam's family when we were visiting my grandparents, so I did get to know him a little.

But Aunt Ruby and Aunt O were very familiar to me. They both lived in Austin and were especially close to my father, so we saw them often. I loved them both very much and though it's been several years since we lost them, I still miss them. I adored Aunt Ruby, but I always had a special fondness for Aunt O. She and I loved those bright colors.

I'm so glad she wore pink the day of this picture. Whenever I think of her, I always imagine her in pink.


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