Saturday, October 11, 2008

Heritage Photo of the Week

This week's photo came to me from my late cousin Beulah McAfee Martin. We were double cousins, actually. Her grandparents, Albert and Mary (Brock) McAfee, the couple on the left, had a child they named Albert Henry. Albert Sr's daughter Nettie by his first wife Johney Elizabeth married Burl Mason. Burl was a widower with several children, one of whom was daughter Susie.

Albert Jr. and Susie married, which made their children the half-nieces of my grandmother Lucy and also her half-first cousins. (One of those children was Beulah.) It has made for quite a tangle of relationships in my Mason and McAfee lines.

The two young people on the right are Albert's and Mary's children Florence and Jessie. The photo is presumed to have been taken at their home in Grassyville, Texas. I estimate the time period to be between 1900 and 1906.

I love this snapshot of family life at the turn of the century. I love the vine covering the porch post. I love the ladder leaning against the side of the house. I love the delapidated shakes on the roof. I love the picket gate, with the shaped peak. This picture is of a real family from a century ago.

This was my great-great-grandfather who fought during the Indian Wars in Kansas with Custer's 7th Cavalry. (More about that in a future post.) This was my great-granduncle Jessie who lived through World War I, only to die from typhoid shortly after he returned home. This was my great-great-step-grandmother who took care of my great-grandmother Nettie when her mother died from a miscarriage. I don't yet have a mental image for great-grandaunt Florence, but I hope one of her family will surface one day to tell me a little of her life story.

The McAfees. My claim to a Scots bloodline.



dwilcoxen said...

Where is/was Grassyville?

LSW said...

The Texas Handbook Online has an entry for Grassyville here:
hng26.html. I've been there once a long time ago to visit a cemetery and my memory is it is way in the country. Grandmother Lucy spent some time there with the idea she would teach some of the German kids English. I think it turned out she learned more German from them.