Sunday, October 19, 2008

Heritage Photos of the Week

These three photos were taken in April 1938. I am particularly fond of them. It shows a man proudly standing with his family - first with his children, then with his sons- and daughter-in-law, and finally with his wife. I'm sure the photos were taken somewhere near Wharton, Texas.

William Henry Frankum, far left, with his children from left to right:
Ivy Wilcoxen, Virgie McVay, Sam Frankum,
Ora Lamb, Ruby Johnston and Linnie Brown.

William Henry Frankum with his kids-in-law, left to right:
Shorty Lamb, Arthur Wilcoxen, Herman Brown,
Bill Johnston, and Nancy Cox Frankum.

William Henry Frankum and his second wife Ada.

The only one missing here is son-in-law Lee McVay. Wonder where he was that day?


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