Saturday, October 4, 2008

Family Legacy

Today I attended the annual Cattlemen for Cancer Research auction in Hills Prairie. Part of the day's festivities includes a silent auction. One of the items today was a plaque that gave a definition of the word "legacy". I liked the sentiment very much and considered putting in a bid, but it was already a popular item and had reached a price I wasn't willing to try to beat. But, I made a point to snap a photo so I wouldn't forget the thought.

Before I settled on the name "Building Blocks", this blog was initially entitled "Family Legacy". This definition expresses the idea very well.

The cumulative effects of an individual's life
which have the potential to influence future generations,
manifested in those beliefs, attitudes, philosophies, talents, and traits
that were impactful enough during the course of a lifetime to
have continuing sway

Genealogy is all about legacy.


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