Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Heritage Photo of the Week

I've been monitoring a blog called "The Pioneer Woman" (which I discovered through the recommendation of my aunt) and today she posted a slew of photos of dour women and ended up with several of sisters. It reminded me of one in my collection.

Here is two versions of the same photo of sisters Sallie and Cora Mobley. I don't really know when it was taken, but I suspect it was before either of them was married, which would put the time frame about 1890 or so.

Sallie is on the left and Cora is on the right. Cora is my great-grandmother who married Elmo Elisha Hodge and had Horace and Horace married Lucy and had Nettie and Nettie married Norman and had me.

Let this be a lesson to anyone who is contemplating sitting for a portrait. Wear dark colors that will show up well against any background. Poor Cora is so washed out she looks ghostly. Even playing with the contrast and brightness didn't help bring her back to life.

It did help to crop the photo and concentrate on her face. Such big, sad eyes. Such a grim mouth. And this was probably before life got tough and she became a young widow with two young children to feed and clothe.


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RMG said...

I guess folks didn't have much to smile about back then, or it wasn't "cool".