Thursday, January 29, 2009


In case you wonder where I went and don't read my primary blog, I am in temporary suspension of blogging, pending recovery from a nasty head cold. I'm getting better but still having stuffy nose issues which is hindering my ability to think coherently.

But in the midst of trial comes some rewards. Yesterday I received a big, fat and not very expensive book from the Coweta County (Georgia) Genealogical Society. I have at least two inches worth of cemetery information at my instant disposal now. I've perused this book many times when in Salt Lake and various other research libraries, but it's rare to find it. It's not so rare to find new people connected to my Mobley, Morgan and Dunkin lines in Coweta County. Until now I had no reference to check for burials when new folks came into my records.

I am six months into my new resolve to add to my personal reference library as frequently as I can, and where I can afford to do so. It gives me immense satisfaction to see these new additions take their places on the shelf.

My New Year's resolution was to join any and all historical and genealogical societies in the areas where I am researching. So far I am a member of:

The Illiana Historical Society (Vermillion County, Indiana, and Vermilion County, Illinois, home of the Wilcoxen, Hughes, Beauchamp, Niccum and Dunivan lines)
The Coweta County Genealogical Society (Coweta County, Georgia, home of the Mobley and Morgan lines)
The Limestone County Genealogical Society (Limestone County, Alabama, home of the Lentz line)
The Pike County Historical Society (Pike County, Indiana, home of the Mason line)
The Crittenden County Historical Society (Crittenden County, Kentucky, home of the Hodge line)

and in Texas:
The Bastrop County Historical Society
The Elgin Historical Society
The Austin Genealogical Society
The Caldwell County Historical Society

My mailbox runneth over with newsletters. It's a good genealogical thing.


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