Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wagons Ho!

For our Heritage Photos of the Week, here are some photos that show various of my kinfolks using horse-drawn wagons (and one buggy). Wonder how many miles to the hay-troughs they got?

This is Henry Thomas "Jack" Mason, my grandmother Lucy's half-brother. She mentions him in her memoirs:

"Just before Christmas, maybe in November, it was time to go to Austin to buy groceries for the winter. So late in the afternoon they would load the honey in front of the wagon on some hay. Had to take hay and corn along to feed the mules. Then the sacks of wool went on the back because he always got the wool sold first before he went up town to sell honey. Sold all the honey and bought all the groceries up and down Congress.

My oldest brother would drive the wagon. He would leave before day light. Then Mother, Dad and me and one sister would go up in the buggy. It took the first day to sell honey and wool. Dad and brother would spend the night in the wagon yard. It was down near the river. Mother and girls would spend the night in a “boarding house”. Early next morning they would buy groceries and maybe a few clothes and the Christmas shopping. It took most of the day but we would start for home. The buggy was not as slow as the wagon and sometimes it would be next morning before the wagon got home. 22 miles.

Next we have Robert Frankum, driving a smart buggy. Robert was the brother of my great-great-grandfather James Jefferson Frankum.

This was a scene at the cotton gin in Brady, Texas, taken about 1908. Some of these wagons are being driven by Frankum men and their in-laws. I can't tell you who is who, but among those pictured are Robert Frankum (the same as in the previous photo), James Jefferson Frankum (my gg-grandfather), Charlie, Jim and Jack Frankum (three of Jeff's sons), John Peterson (Robert's son-in-law), Tom Qualls (an inlaw of Robert's) and Adolph Hefner (who I have no idea how he fits into the family group and is probably just a friend).

This final photo was found in the collection I acquired from my Aunt Fay Hodge's estate. I am guessing this is one of the Mobley sons.

Fabulous pictures that I feel lucky to have in my possession.


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