Sunday, April 12, 2009

Family Gathering

While redoing one of my genealogy notebooks today, I ran across a photo I had forgotten about. Here is a cross-section of family members from my father's side of the family.

We will tackle the ones standing first. At far left is my great-grandmother Matilda Dunavan Wilcoxen. Next is great-aunt Linnie Frankum Brown holding her daughter Hazel. Under the floppy hat is my great-grandmother Amanda Eliza Lentz Frankum and next to her is her sister Fannie Lentz Rucker. The man is my great uncle Sam Frankum and at the end is my grandmother Ivy Frankum Wilcoxen.

Proceeding to the front row, from left, you may have to look closely to spot Marvin Brown, Linnie's son. Great aunt Ruby Frankum Johnston is next, partially blocked by some uncooperative leaves. Look closely again and you will see a small child standing just behind her. That would be Norma "Tootsie" Brown, daughter of Linnie. Sitting dead center in the flapper hat is great-aunt Ora Frankum Lamb and next to her is her youngest sister Virgie Frankum McVay. At the far right is Ellen Lurker, a cousin on the Wilcoxen side and one can only wonder how she came to be included in this group unless she was staying with her grandmother Matilda at the time.

I'm guessing this photo was taken sometime around 1928. All of Linnie's children are included, but none of Ivy's. Ivy actually looks like she might be expecting and, if she is, it would have to be Uncle Donald who was on his way. Probably only Linnie and Ivy were married at this point. Not that I'm suggesting anything, but do you suppose there is a reason why Ivy and her new mother-in-law are at opposite ends of the photo? (Actually I have no reason to suspect they did not get along famously. I just find it amusing.)

This is a wonderful photo. All of the surviving Frankum siblings are pictured, as well as their mother, their only maternal aunt, their two nieces and one nephew who had come along at this point, a mother-in-law and one niece by marriage. Quite an assortment.


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