Saturday, April 25, 2009

Heritage Photos of the Week

I am constantly on the lookout for "new" old pictures of the ancestor variety. This past week cousin Jeannine sent me several photos in response to an email request I had sent her. I had discovered I did not have a photo of her husband's parents to include on the display board I was preparing for the upcoming reunion (see today's entry over on Woolgathering).

She not only provided me with exactly the photos I was hoping for, but included two bonus pictures that sent me into orbit. You just never know who has custody of the photographic treasures in the family. (A genealogist should always be super nice to all extended family - just in case.)

Here are new additions to the family archives.

James Jefferson Frankum

Sarah "Sallie" Elizabeth Busby Sanders Frankum

I am guessing these photos date to around 1900. Jeff died in 1912 at the age of 60. It looks to me like he would have been in his fifties here. I love getting a new perspective on my great-great grandparents.

Thanks, Jeannine!


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